【For people from different country】


Welcome to our clinic homepage.
This clinic is suitable for childen and their family members.

When your child get ill, please feel free to visit our clinic.
When your child need to get vaccine, and child health check-up, visit us too.
We are  able to give medical advice to you. Please contact us if there is anything that you don't understand.
Adult person also can receive medical examination and treantment (only common disease).

When you want to visit us, please get an online reservation.
Access the online reservation system , complete the account registration, and you can log in the system.
You can choose “waiting guide system”, “vaccination”, or/and  “infant health check-up”.
If you can't understand “waiting guide system”, please choose the item “patient from different country”. That's a time zone reservation.
If you can't use this reservation system, please visit us directly.

Thank you. 

診療受付時間 (H28年10月1日~) 

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